Who are you and why the (expletive deleted) are you doing this?

My name is Chaitanya Kunthe. I have been in the information security field for more than 10 years. I have done my share to add to the smoke screen. Over the years, I have tried to  recommend and implement practical solutions for all infosec problems. I have a long way to go, but I have started the process of trying to remove the fog as much as possible.

What is your credibility to make smart comments about any topic?

One word answer? None. All posts are solely my opinion and no one else is responsible for them. You are free to agree or disagree and let me know about it.

Do you do any other work other than voice your opinions about weird topics?

Yes, I do. My LinkedIn page has a more formal profile of me. I work for a wonderful organization that allows me the freedom to voice my opinion the way I like it. You can visit our home page at www.rqsolutions.com

If I have a query, can I ask you to resolve it? Will you charge me for it?

Sure, you can. However, chances are that I would not be able to contribute practically till I know your organization in detail. I will, of course, give you any practical advice that I would have from my experience, though it may come across as generic to you without the details.

No, I will not. Unless you want me to come down or do a very detailed analysis. I will try to answer your queries to the best of my knowledge and ability (cannot seem to get rid of consultantspeak)

If I contact you, will you send me spam afterwards or will you try to sell me stuff?

No. This is not a blog for profit or increasing sales. This is to simplify infosec concepts practically.

If I have something to contribute, will you put it up as a post or a trackback?

If it agrees to my philosophy, I will.