Questioning Security Paradigms

Verizon has released its annual report on data breach investigation for 2013. The data breach report is a barometer of sorts for the infosec industry. Organised survey’s about incidents and data breaches are few and far between in the the infosec world. It is surprising, however, that the industry tends to ignore key findings of… Continue reading Questioning Security Paradigms

Top 5 “Don’ts” for Information Security bloggers

After writing posts for more than a year now, I have come to the conclusion that the humour quotient in my writing is at an all time low. I just re-read one of my posts “The Android permissions conundrum…” and realised that it is dull and drab. I do not engage a reader as I… Continue reading Top 5 “Don’ts” for Information Security bloggers

Risks of BYOD

A BYOD article that I was reading on the net started “BYOD is becoming a rule rather than an exception.” That set me thinking. Really? How many of the large corporates that I have worked with allow BYOD? Surprisingly (or unsurprisingly, if you wish) None. I looked at the article again. It is written by… Continue reading Risks of BYOD

BYOD – A fairy tale for a four letter word…

OK, I HAD to write this one. Wherever I go these days, people seem to be using this four letter word. BYOD – Bring Your Own Device, seems to be the latest buzzword in the IT and info-sec world these days. As usual, I will try to take a practical view of BYOD with a… Continue reading BYOD – A fairy tale for a four letter word…