August 23, 2014



Every day, there are hundreds of information security related news items. They range from blog posts, product releases, product reviews, vulnerabilities discovered, etc. A google search will give you thousands of pages and yet lead you nowhere. How do you get a grip on what's happening in the information security world?

Here is what I do. I collate information from a series of sources that provide the right information. They range from sources like slashdot and Arstechnica to blogs by Bruce Schneier. They range from news sites like The Register and Huffington Post to tips and tricks sites like lifehacker. Usually, I read them as RSS feeds in my feedly account. I go through them on a regular basis and save some that I find are interesting, or those where I need to explore more. By the end of the week, I generally have a set of interesting items that I want to read about. The rest get archived, or deleted. By the end of the month, I am left with a few articles that I feel are important.

The criticality and importance of the articles and posts are my personal opinion. Still, I think some readers with a similar mindset will enjoy the summarisation. The casual reader interested in security, but does not have the bandwidth to read everything might also like this. So, begins the "Infosec Monthly Top 5" newsletter.


I choose only 5 that I feel as having the most impact on information security. I may add some explanation on why I feel this has an impact, or the news would probably speak for itself. Oh, and also 1-2 practical information security tips - news you can use.

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